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Embark on an Hour of Touring Fun!

Prepare for a unique mini adventure that promises excitement like never before! Join us at Bougie Cattle Company with your intimate group and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of our bougie mini cows and much more. Our exhilarating ranch tours are available every Thursday through Sunday.

Here's How It Works:

Secure your spot for a 1-hour ranch tour by making a $250 donation, allowing up to five visitors to join. Bringing more friends along? No worries! Each additional guest can partake for a mere $50 donation. Easily reserve your spot online with full payment to ensure a guaranteed spot.

Meet Our Miniature Bottle-Fed Calves:

Get ready to be charmed by our adorable miniature bottle-fed calves. Should you experience love at first sight and decide to adopt a calf, we'll happily refund your ranch tour donation!

🌟 Embrace the Bougie Cattle Experience 🌟:

Make every minute memorable! Craft unforgettable memories with your dear ones, surrounded by the scenic beauty of our ranch and the irresistibly cute miniatures.

Book your one-hour ranch tour now and dive into the thrill of Bougie Cattle Company!