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Bougie (bou·jee) | Adjective |

Definition: Over the top and will not settle for anything that is not the highest of quality.

That is the definition of Bougie Cattle Company.

Facing the challenges of inflation, soaring hay prices, and dwindling pastures in Southern California, I knew it was time for a major change to keep my cattle business going. Growing up as the daughter of one of the last ranchers in Apple Valley, CA, I tapped into the wisdom handed down by my folks to kickstart Bougie Cattle Company.

We're all about micro/miniature cattle, specializing in Highlander, Hereford, and Dexter breeds. Our pint-sized cows are perfect for hobby farms or cozy ranches, needing less space and grub compared to the regular-sized ones. The Highlanders, especially, are super chill and love a good brushing, petting session, and, of course, the occasional lick.

Here at Bougie Cattle Company, we're passionate about our little herd. If you want the lowdown on any of our Bougie Mini Cows, feel free to hit us up. We're always happy to share info and chat about our adorable bovine buddies!

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